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Rupanjana Sur - #IAMACTIV

I have been in the financial services industry (investment banking) for over 15 years and 12-hour work days are normal but what makes it worse is all those long & stressful hours are spent sitting in front of a computer. Over the years, I have realized that fixing my sedentary lifestyle is very important – eating healthy and including some form of exercise into my routine is key – not just to stay fit but to destress and be productive at work. Eating healthy is easy for me as I have always been a conscious eater and cannot eat large portions but I do enjoy junk food and desserts. So, I stick to my cheat days and make healthy choices...

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Seema Yadav - #IAMACTIV Mom, Runner, Yogini and Doctor

  My fitness and running journey both started in 2016.Was never a gym or workout kind of person before that.Started my running journey at the age of 38 when my son was 3yrs old and thereafter no looking back. It became a passion.Running is my 'Me time'.At that time it's just me not mother, wife, daughter, daughter in law. It's a kind of meditation to me and a healthy high.I do regular strength workouts and yoga along with running.Ran first half marathon within 1 month of started running.Full Marathon in less than a year.Qualified for Boston Marathon within 2yrs and ran Boston Marathon in 2019 that to with my personal best.Ran first ultra 100km stadium run in March.Since first year...

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