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Rupanjana Sur - #IAMACTIV

I have been in the financial services industry (investment banking) for over 15 years and 12-hour work days are normal but what makes it worse is all those long & stressful hours are spent sitting in front of a computer. Over the years, I have realized that fixing my sedentary lifestyle is very important – eating healthy and including some form of exercise into my routine is key – not just to stay fit but to destress and be productive at work. Eating healthy is easy for me as I have always been a conscious eater and cannot eat large portions but I do enjoy junk food and desserts. So, I stick to my cheat days and make healthy choices...

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Seema Yadav - #IAMACTIV Mom, Runner, Yogini and Doctor

  My fitness and running journey both started in 2016.Was never a gym or workout kind of person before that.Started my running journey at the age of 38 when my son was 3yrs old and thereafter no looking back. It became a passion.Running is my 'Me time'.At that time it's just me not mother, wife, daughter, daughter in law. It's a kind of meditation to me and a healthy high.I do regular strength workouts and yoga along with running.Ran first half marathon within 1 month of started running.Full Marathon in less than a year.Qualified for Boston Marathon within 2yrs and ran Boston Marathon in 2019 that to with my personal best.Ran first ultra 100km stadium run in March.Since first year...

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"Iske liye toh tent lena padega I heard my mom telling my grandmother in another room.  She continously tried to cover my hips and tummy with the dupatta in that oversized lehnga as we were leaving to attend a marriage function. Being an obese child I always had to hear such things and it never affected me before I reached college and could see girls in hot outfits. I wanted to wear those jeans and skinny skirts. I decided to join the gym.  Through moving my body, I learned, bit by bit, how valuable and important my health was. As I cared for my body I learned that I was worthy of self-love —And because of my good metabolism I lost 10 kgs in 3...

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