5 Great Yoga Poses for Abs

5 Great Yoga Poses for Abs

Crunches are passe! Infact, I see my friends looking for something more meaningful for their abs! The right breathing with a slow workout has been proved extremely beneficial for the abs.

That’s where Yoga steps in! So here – Seema Yadav (the flying runner and an avid Yoga practicioner) and I have put together 5 solid abs yoga poses that everyone regradless of a need for abs must do! By doing these you’ll engage your core muscles and concentrate on balance and breathing.

Even though holding the pose for long is what you should aim for, don’t worry if you can’t. Stay as long as you can, breathe in and breathe out, and aim to hold each pose for 10 breaths!

Remember to do these poses deliberately slow as that is how you engage your core and build strength!

Stay Wellthy! Stay Fit! Workout with a friend! Have Fun!
Article Source: wellthyfit.com

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