A Runner’s Beginners Guide: My first year of Running and it’s unforgettable mistakes

I was looking at some 110 articles on my blog and it was shocking that I still hadn’t spoken about that one topic every run blogger would have knocked off their list! – My very first running mistakes or as the SEO advises (the things google makes us bloggers do for traction…arrghhh!) – 5-10-15 Running mistakes a new runners make! So here it is my version of it! You can skip the next 3 short paragraphs and get straight to the point!

My first run was a 4k….the first time ever, 6 months post my second pregnancy! I was on my toes looking after my first and second, I had support – won’t lie! No major post natal depression! No nothing like that! I was good. I just wanted to lose weight and the famous Pune based Instructor Zareen Siddique whipped my ass and got me back into shape. She made me do couple of runs. After that I never ran!.

6 months later – I ran my first half marathon! I did two long runs  and went for a half marathon. It was my second half marathon, the prep of which made me realize what it takes to run a good half marathon!

First Love!

The early years of running are all about very innocent love! You want to give it all! You go with the Flow…you run a lot; you get obsessed, you start loving the pain! You want to be a run martyr and not really a runner!

Even though the story to my first marathon stays nostalgic for every reason, I’ll skip that part and share with you how my second marathon taught me valuable lessons:

Running too fast – My biggest running mistake so far and I sometimes do it even now. Especially during recovery runs and long runs. This one – every new runner will make this mistake despite years of running sometimes. Even though we know that best runners in the world spend 80 % of their running training running slow, we are too much in a hurry to run fast. Burnout and injury are too very sad outcomes. constantly pushing your body to run at a quick pace doesn’t allow for healing and recovery. And without recovery you cannot come back for your next run with a body that is ready to give its best.

Training in the same shoe for all your runs – Speedwork requires very less cushioned shoes, whereas long slow distance runs need a good cushioned shoe. I was very proud of the fact that I did manage the entire year in one shoe – but I did have an injury at the end of it. So please two shoes for training are the basic!

Only Running – We end up running too much which is ok, however ignoring any other form of cross straining on the sides can either lead to injuries or too much fatigue. Yoga, swimming, strength training – they work on your muscles and help you become efficient so you use less energy while running.

Taking warm up and cool down – for granted and not doing them at all– new runners seriously have this problem. I did and I can see my new runner friends too! Not warming up to the pace and not cooling down effectively – means you are asking for an injury. And you won’t become a better runner. If you are in a rush like I am – I would suggest just do these two post-run poses, at least. Insert link here!

Not taking your hydration seriously – the more I say on this, the lesser it would be! Drink to thirst is the first rule. Don’t dunk down bottles and bottles of water for the sake of hydration and similarly don’t run without drinking water. As a rule even though there are the sugar loaded sports drinks, what could really work for you is something as simple as enerzal, or salt+sugar water. Fast n Up offers tablets that could be dunked in water and can be used while running. there are also post run tablets, and drinks that you could chose from. My favorites in a home made lemon water or a drink of Sattu (a fine powder made from powdered garbanzo), rich in protein and a coolant!

Not eating before a run – So many runners wanting to lose weight end up binging post the run but wont eat anything before! You must chose something high in Carbohydrates – like a banana, almonds, dates, an energy bar (even though I would say avoid that it’s too heavy on white sugar, but eat that if you have nothing).  Even if you are trying to lose weight, you need the good carbohydrates. Read this on why runners need good carbs. Running on an empty stomach can make you feeling dizzy very fast.

Comparing yourselves to other runners – admit it that you do or you did! This is actually one of the worst things a newbie runner ends up pushing himself into. Watching a seasoned runner in his full speed can make the onlooker push his limits too! I wanted to be like so many fast running girls – I would admire them, try to keep pace with them – truly it’s good for motivation but doesn’t make you faster! click here  and read about how your running is all about you!

Google is full of these! And every blogger has her own version of this! But will this help you from not making your own mistakes? not at all! You will still make yours, you will still get obsessed, you will still end up running too fast and years later you will look back and smile at the most innocent run years of your life! Wishing you an injury-free running life!

Happy Learning! Happy Running!

Article Source: wealthyfit.com