Fashion and Fitness

Fashion and Fitness

Women often underestimate the importance of fashion when it comes to sports. 

So you’ll see gym-goers and runners just putting on anything they have in their sports wardrobe and going out for the quick morning run or the Zumba lesson before they shower and leave for work. 

Anything. Including their husbands tees, sometimes. 

Not done. 

When it comes to doing sports though, we just don’t seem to have the same kind of enthusiasm to invest time or money into apparel. 

This is the general trend in India and I must say, it’s quite different in the West. The reason the activewear industry is booming in the West is because of the regular woman’s interest in looking good even while doing sports.

As a fitness trainer from Switzerland, I will reiterate on the importance of being fashionable while doing sports. There’s a psychological connection - as soon as we know we are looking good, we give our best to the activity. 

Our motivation level rises. 

Always remember, you are doing it for yourself, not for anybody else. So even if you are out running in a place where no one gets to see you, get your good running gear out, play around with colors, be bold and unconventional.

I was recently out on a hiking holiday in the mountains of Switzerland where I often didn’t meet a single human on my entire 4 hours hike in the day. (I did meet some great looking cows though! ) That was no reason to stop me from donning my funky colorful printed leggings to do justice to all the beautiful spring flowers blooming around me. And boy, it did feel good!

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