Ode to the ordinary woman's journey toward fitness

Ode to the ordinary woman's journey toward fitness

Jennifer Aniston, voted "world's most beautiful woman 2016" by People's magazine and "Sexiest actress alive 2016" by Glamour's magazine. A wonderful achievement but somehow these tags given by the western media leave me cold.

At 47, she has a body that a 20 year old model can dream to have. The amount of discipline and hard work that's gone into it (not to mention the great genes) are commendable. She mentioned in an interview, she needs to dedicate a whole morning to it everyday. Beauty is her bread and butter.

 Have we ever given a thought to the average middle class woman in this world, a working mom/single woman, who either doesn't have the luxury of a quarter of an hour for themselves (some don't even have access to any domestic help) or need to fight for every minute to squeeze a fitness schedule in? Who need to shoulder umpteen responsibilities at home and work and and still try to find time for a bit of activity as simple as an evening walk or a 15 minute session of morning yoga to keep themselves fit and agile? Who have no access to expensive fitness trainers or nutritionists?

No, they'll never make it to covers of magazines or be Instagram fitness stars showing off their chiseled and toned perfection (this is another breed altogether with millions of followers!) and yet pursue fitness in their own ways. So ladies, if you are looking for inspiration, look for it in ordinary women around you.

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We, at Studioavtiv, celebrate the spirit of the Indian woman who fits in sports into her daily routine while shouldering umpteen other responsibilities.

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