Tisha's Tips For Choosing The Right Leggings

Tisha's Tips For Choosing The Right Leggings

1. If you are doing activities like yoga and pilates that require you to bend over a lot, make sure it’s high waist and doesn’t expose more of your rear than you want to. 

2. Fitted leggings are great for gym/yoga where the instructor needs to check your pose,      but fitted doesn’t mean constricting. Make sure the elastic at your waist doesn’t pinch.

3. Don’t be misled/influenced by size. The size of clothes you wear in general may not correspond with the size of activewear. So look carefully at size charts, measure yourself before buying.

4. Pay attention to seams that dig into your skin for gym activities. Go for seamless leggings if you can.

5. Identify where you’ll be wearing the legging....indoor/outdoor/leisure. If you are outdoor at dark, make sure your leggings have reflective properties. 

6. For long distance running, pay attention to the waist band and its tight/looseness. If it clinches your waist too tightly, you might develop stomach cramps.

7. Length of the leggings depends on factors like outdoor/indoor, weather, your personal style. 

8. As for material, all have sweat wicking properties these days. when doing yoga, you might want to try out comfortable cotton leggings.

9. There are many stylists who advice women who have short and slightly thicker legs to steer away from capris and light colors/prints. My personal take is, be daring and do things you aren’t supposed to do in style. Confidence is the key word.

 Lastly, focus on performance. While you are exercising/doing sports, your leggings should be so comfortable that they virtually disappear from your mind.

If you have any queries, do drop me a line. Cheerio!

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