Kavitha Kanaparthi

Kavitha Kanaparthi

An electrical engineer by profession, Kavitha has played a key role in bringing Ultramarathons to India. And getting many women to participate in a territory previously reserved for men.

Globeracers’, her initiative, is a group of endurance athletes with a focus on identifying, training and promoting athletes in the sport of running and cycling, and, organizing ultra endurance races in India. There are many races across the country, of various disances, from the Bhatti Mines in Delhi NCR to Ladakh, HP and J&K.

Globeracers also focuses on nurturing athletes through training, crewing and offering deserving sponsorships through its network of individual and corporate sponsors.

At StudioActiv, we are inspired by Kavitha and her efforts to empower more women to hit the trails.

More details at: http://globeracers.com/ - and don't forget to sign up for the upcoming Himalayan Crossing run in Ladakh on August 2, 2017. It’s 338 km, so prepare well :-)

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