About Us

We had been discussing about the dearth of stylish activewear in the market that caters to women of all sizes. Style element, when it comes to activewear, is limited to the smaller sizes and we felt that every woman has a right to staying fit. That is when we came up with the idea of designing activewear that has a bigger size range (XS-4XL) in mind and at the same time, doesn’t compromise on style.

This is how #fitnessforallsizes was born.

Being a team of three women (two of us being designers), we could visualize the need for smart activewear well. Our creativity flowed as we set about choosing the right styles and fabric. Finding high quality fabric was very important to us as was keeping the quality of stitching at its best. What emerged is a product of love and passion.


What we are also very particular about is the working conditions of all the people working for us. Our workplace is bright and spacious and a happy space for all…..from tailors to merchandisers.

What makes us unique is our hands-on personalized approach to creating each product. We source fabric ourselves and then design the activewear keeping in mind the durability factor.



Be a part of our journey of creativity and love.