Mission Empowerment

We aim to empower women by making them strong in both body and mind. A powerful mind finds its right home in a strong body and that can happen only by taking care of it. In German there’s a saying “Wir schonen uns zu Tode”....meaning we are mollycoddling ourselves to death. Harsh words that have some truth in it. We need to wake up and start taking care of our bodies and that can only happen through making it work out. Doing sports regularly and strengthening the precious cage that houses our precious minds.

Be strong and confident in who you are, and don’t be afraid to be feminine.


At Studioactiv, we are a team that’s mainly driven by women, from designs to marketing. We believe strongly in the power of sisterhood. It’s only when we stand by each other and support each other, that we can strive to reach our zeniths. We celebrate femininity in all forms and strive to be the best version of ourselves. Shape cannot define us but fitness can. Look your best, feel your best and give your best to fitness.


Self-care isn’t selfish. We believe that only when we take care of ourselves, we can be there for our loved ones. Eating healthy, doing sports regularly are the building blocks to a healthy us. This is what we call self-respect and we owe it to ourselves. This doesn’t mean giving up on eating the stuff we like once in a while....it means finding the right balance. Exercising and sports give us the freedom to enjoy life.


There’s joy and a sense of fulfillment in giving to others. Studioactiv contributes Rs 20 for every product you order toward’s women’s charity organizations registered with the Govt of India.


We believe that there’s a right workout or sport for everyone irrespective of age. We just need to find the one we enjoy and are willing to go the extra mile for. This is our “me-time”, the time we switch off and focus on ourselves. Guilt-free.

At Studioactiv, we are of the opinion that we can give our best when we are feeling good about ourselves. And to feel good while working out, we should look good too.


It’s time to reclaim our “me-time” and empower each other. The Activ way!