Our Story

As a woman with an active lifestyle, have you ever walked into a big brand activewear store and felt like you didn’t belong there? 

Did you feel the activewear was created with anorexic supermodels from Milan in mind, not you?

Did you feel the shop assistants had no clue about what you were looking for – that you were an individual, not a factory assembly line product, with a unique style, body and fitness regimen?

Did you feel -  this could seem weird and funny – the activewear itself was frowning at you, for not ‘fitting in’? 

Do you feel confused when you browse through the activewear section at big e-commerce websites? 

Websites that don’t understand the difference between XL and XXL, and don’t really care?

Websites that seem to be more interested in selling mobile phones, than (say) running gear for women?

Do you feel judged? 

Do you feel the burden of expectations hovering around your head?

Do you feel a group of faceless, anonymous men are forcing you to conform to their standards – and worse, ideas of what a woman should wear?

StudioActiv fits in into these gaps, where regular activewear stores, both online and offline, fail miserably. 

StudioActiv offers you a handpicked, curated collection of the best available activewear, created by brands that understand Indian women – their bodies, their needs and their aspirations.

StudioActiv is led by a woman, an Indian fitness trainer from Switzerland - who bridges the best of both worlds effortlessly.

StudioActiv is a marketplace for the Indian woman, by a global Indian woman who understands how differently we are built physically compared to a western woman’s body – and celebrates both.

Why StudioActiv?
At StudioActiv, we’ve observed how ‘big brands’ did little to adapt their collections to the needs of the Indian market - be it in length of the leggings to the cut of the bottoms and tees to fit our hip shape and size. 

How some of these ‘big brands’ saw India more as a dumping ground than connecting with the aspirations of the Indian woman. 

Studioactiv sets out to give you quality wear and lets you stand out from the masses.

We give you exclusivity at a price that won’t make a dent in your pockets.

Not because we are selling ‘cheap’, but because we genuinely feel they shouldn’t cost more.

And finally, we are also committed to celebrating the Indian woman who, in spite of her busy lifestyle, finds time to endeavour to stay fit to the best of her ability.

Now go ahead, browse. Look around. Try our brands out. Ping me anytime you want a suggestion, I’m happy to help. 

Be the best you can be.

Much love,