Ragini - #IAMACTIV

My name is Ragini and I have never been thin.
This is how I am; this is how I was made to be.
In life I’ve been mocked for my weight,
Names like “moti” “fat” “haathi” still ring loud and clear.
It used to bother me a lot.
And there are those rare times when it still gets to me.
But you know what? I like me.
Because in spite of this large body that everyone sees,
There is one thing that makes me UNSTOPPABLE.
And that is my ability to dance like a storm.
Dance is my passion, my essence. When I dance, I feel beautiful and fit. I marvel at the things that I am capable of doing and do. I am airborne when I dance.

Fitness is a frame of mind, not a body type.
So celebrate your body. Own it. Love it. And keep it moving.
StudioActiv. For the active in you.