Rupanjana Sur -  #IAMACTIV

Rupanjana Sur - #IAMACTIV

I have been in the financial services industry (investment banking) for over 15 years and 12-hour work days are normal but what makes it worse is all those long & stressful hours are spent sitting in front of a computer.

Over the years, I have realized that fixing my sedentary lifestyle is very important – eating healthy and including some form of exercise into my routine is key – not just to stay fit but to destress and be productive at work.

Eating healthy is easy for me as I have always been a conscious eater and cannot eat large portions but I do enjoy junk food and desserts. So, I stick to my cheat days and make healthy choices at least 5 days a week. Incorporating exercise into my routine is tougher as I have never been a gym/workout person. But I have always enjoyed walking – it started in college when I used to take long walks down the Charles River (Boston) just behind our campus or across campus to go to classes. Whether walking through streets or parks (people-watching) or quiet tracks (getting lost in my own thoughts) – I have always found it a great way to destress. If any distance can be walked – I will always walk.


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