Seema Yadav -  #IAMACTIV Mom, Runner, Yogini and Doctor

Seema Yadav - #IAMACTIV Mom, Runner, Yogini and Doctor

Seema Yadav


My fitness and running journey both started in 2016.
Was never a gym or workout kind of person before that.
Started my running journey at the age of 38 when my son was 3yrs old and thereafter no looking back. It became a passion.
Running is my 'Me time'.At that time it's just me not mother, wife, daughter, daughter in law. It's a kind of meditation to me and a healthy high.
I do regular strength workouts and yoga along with running.
Ran first half marathon within 1 month of started running.
Full Marathon in less than a year.
Qualified for Boston Marathon within 2yrs and ran Boston Marathon in 2019 that to with my personal best.
Ran first ultra 100km stadium run in March.
Since first year of running consistently achieved personal best and been podium finisher at renowned races like ADHM, TMM, IDBI Delhi Marathon.

Half Marathon Pb: 1.30
Full Marathon Pb: 3.26

-Represented India at Madrid cross country 10km race 2019.
-Receiving Runner of the year award since last 4yrs consecutively.
-Received special award by Delhi sports journalism association along with professionals Risabh Pant,Bajrang Punia and Rani Rampa.

Strive to be better than myself.
Strongly believe in patience,consistency  and discipline.
If you inculcate this in your life  one can achieve what they desire.

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