I've had an active life. I am blessed with good genes. I've enjoyed nature. That's my fit past.
Fitness consciously entered my life when I had a little baby girl inside of me in 2010. I made a decision for the first time to myself and my family to stay consciously fit. I walked, worked as a teacher, travelled. Yoga had me charmed. After the birth of my boy ( 3 years after my daughter), within a year of his birth I ran my first half marathon. In 2019, I ran a marathon.Today, I Run, Yoga, do Breathing and Strength Train - all for my mental and physical fitness. It's my wallet of happiness, sanity and confidence. I fear physical dependency in every way.
When it comes to my fitness, I am unaplogetic and hugely excited. My kids have figured this out. I run early morning, before I wake them up for school. I do yoga and strength train sometimes in the evening or in my non-running mornings. I do breathing practice almost 5 days a week on my wake up. My kids see it and know it all. When their mother says she has to go for a run, they know that I will leave unless they are unwell and there is no one around to take care of them. My daughter does fantastic yoga at the age of 10. My son likes to run and cycle. We are an active family and am fully aware that I have played a huge role in this. My wish is to continue my fitness pursuits will hundred percent curiosity and energy. I wish the same for my kids.