Tisha Palit - #IAMACTIV

Tisha Palit - #IAMACTIV

Tisha Palit is a teacher turned entrepreneur who lives in Zurich and Gurgaon. She’s the pioneer of Nordic Walking in India and a certified Rebounding instructor in Switzerland.

She’s the founder of Fiery Over Forty, a group for women over forty and an active blogger.

In her fifties, she’s a firm believer of leading an active life to feel good about oneself. An avid fitness and gym enthusiast, she wants to promote good mental health through physical fitness.

She associates herself with Studioactiv as a proponent of the active life and believes in looking good when pursuing fitness. She also likes Studioactiv’s association with women-oriented NGOs and the concept of giving back to society.



Tisha Palit #IAMACTIV


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