Running and Weight Loss – How much Carbohydrates does a Runner need?

Before I take any credit on this article, Remember my Facebook update about reading the book ‘Run to Lose’- A Complete Guide to Weight Loss for Runners compiled by Experts under Runner’s World. Going ahead and in this article I plan to use the knowledge of the experts at Runner’s World for the benefit of my blog readers. By no means is this information my concoction – however the experiences are definitely mine!

I absolutely love the simplicity, clarity and functionality kept in mind by the experts. The running community trying to get back into shape can learn from this book endlessly! Going forward – I will use this book to give you some real good tips on weight loss for Runners! Will pick information that is hugely relevant for runners trying to lose weight!

Why don’t many runners lose weight despite all the running? Because when they start running regularly they start consuming more carbs than their level of running really demands.A big bowl of pasta in the night before a long run is cool – however if you are trying to lose weight then you can’t have this every other day of your life just because tomorrow morning you have a run!